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15 Do-It-Yourself Pallet Gardens

Do you have some old wooden pallets that you’re looking to recycle? One of the best ways to use old pallets is to make them a part of a pallet garden! You can easily create a garden like this on your own. Below, you’ll find ideas for 15 beautiful do-it-yourself pallet gardens.

1. A Pallet Wall Garden

Instead of buying art to hang on your walls, why not make plants a part of your home’s decor? You can attach a pallet to your wall and use it to house an in-home garden. Just make sure that the plants you place in your pallet garden are able to get all of the sunlight that they need.

2. A Pallet Herb Garden

There’s nothing that can beat the taste of fresh herbs in a meal. While buying fresh herbs at the grocery store can be expensive, you can get all of the herbs you’re interested in for less if you grow your own at home.

Pallets are the perfect place to grow the herbs that you’re most interested in. Whether you’re growing basil, mint, or rosemary, you will really enjoy having fresh, home-grown herbs that you can use in your meals.

3. A Vertical Pallet Garden

If you have a limited amount of space for your garden, you may want to allow it to grow upwards. A vertical garden is surprisingly easy to create, and it can have an appealing and distinctive appearance. It’s a great way to use a pallet in a smaller space.

4. An In-Ground Pallet Garden

Pallets can actually be very useful in a traditional in-ground garden. If you break a pallet up and cover it with dirt, it can create a stable base for plants. Once your pallets are covered with dirt, sprinkle seeds through the slats. When the plants start to grow, they’ll pee through the slats, creating a very interesting look.

5. A Vertical And Horizontal Pallet Garden

If you’re not opposed to breaking a pallet up, why not creating both a vertical and a horizontal pallet garden? You can allow one half of the pallet to rest on the ground below, and you can attach the other half of the pallet to it vertically. This gives you even more room to grow plants!

6. A Ladder Garden

If you break up your pallet in the right way, it will start to resemble a ladder. Prop a pallet up against a wall and allow plants to grow through its slats. A garden like this has a beautiful rustic vibe, and it can do a lot to enhance the look and feel of a yard.

7. A Miniature Pallet Garden

Not all pallet gardens have to be massive. You don’t need to use an entire pallet when you’re creating your garden. Instead, you can cut up a full-sized pallet into four smaller sections. One of these small sections will allow you to get the look of a full-sized pallet garden without using up too much space.

8. A Pallet Flower Garden

Pallets and flowers go together beautifully! While not every type of flower is well-suited to a pallet garden, certain plants will bloom beautifully through a pallet’s slats. Take the time to research pallet flower gardens and figure out what sort of plants you would like to use.

9. A Labeled Pallet Garden

Do you want to keep track of what you’re growing in your pallet garden? If you apply chalkboard paint to your pallet, you’ll be able to clearly label everything that’s growing in the garden. You’ll also be able to erase the labels and change them when it’s time to grow something new. This idea is an especially good choice for herb gardens.

10. A Free-Standing Pallet Garden

If you’re creating a vertical pallet garden, you don’t necessarily have to attach it to something. You can build legs for your garden so that it will be able to stand on its own.

11. Fruit And Vegetable Gardens

If you’re interested in growing food like strawberries and tomatoes, pallets are absolutely perfect. Food crops are often plagued by pests. The right set-up will allow you to grow everything you want to grow and keep the pests at bay.

12. A Pallet Table Garden

If you’re very handy, you might want to try building a table out of your old pallets. You can then allow plants to grow through the middle slats. A table like this is perfect for an outdoor patio! Look at pallet table tutorials and see if you can construct a table/garden combination!

13. Painted Pallets

You don’t have to leave your pallet as is. If you’re working with pallets in rough shape, you might want to opt to paint your pallet. You can paint a pallet in virtually any color. White looks great on pallets, as does light blue. Of course, if you’d like to experiment with brighter and bolder colors, you can do that as well.

14. Pallet Butterfly Gardens

If you want to attract more butterflies to your yard, you should make a point of planting flowers that butterflies are drawn to. With the right plants, butterflies will flock to your yard. If you choose to plant these flowers on a pallet, you’ll see a lot of butterflies resting on your pallet. This method also works well for bird gardens.

15. Pallet Planter Hangers

Looking for a place to hang your planters? Why not try a pallet? If a pallet is sliced up and mounted to a wall, it’s perfect for hanging planters. It can be hard to find the right place to hang planters, especially if you’re trying to hang them outdoors. A pallet planter hanger is the ideal solution to a problem of this sort.

You shouldn’t toss your old pallets. Instead, you should transform them into something that feels truly special. These 15 do-it-yourself pallet garden ideas shouldn’t be that hard to implement, and they can help you to create a garden that you can be proud of.

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